Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here is another seascape, not so bright this time. It is inspired by a photograph I took looking out to sea from the top of the cliff at Robin Hoods Bay. We stayed at Staithes last year in a lovely fisherman's cottage for a week. I took tons of photographs of the sea and all the rock pools thinking I would go home and produce masses of work. I'm afraid to say this is the first piece I've done and it's been nearly a year!!!! I made it for some friends of mine who have just turned 30. I added some hand dyed tussah silk top to the sea to create a reflective sheen and some viscose nepps to the cliff edge for texture, I think they worked really well.
This is another piece I'm working on from the same set of photographs. I bought the peg loom at woolfest last month, I've been wanting one for ages!!! I'm blending my colours on the drum carder, then splitting the batts to produce narrow rovings. As I weave I put a slight twist into the roving. The plan is to slightly felt the hanging when it's finished, giving it more strength.

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Seahorse said...

Your work is lovely. I'm intrigued by the peg loom - off to look for more info!