Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eco Craft

I came across the term 'eco crafts' today on the internet and I guess that's what I do. I source a lot of my materials from charity shops and jumble sales. I like to combine these materials with wet felting and more recently needle felting. An example of this is the owl I've been working on. Last night I made him into a bag using fulled woolly jumpers.
This afternoon I made this brooch, again from materials bought in charity shops. I have just listed this on Etsy.
I love the design process involved in making things from recycled material. It's impossible to go out and buy materials for a project. So I browse around charity shops, buying woolly jumpers that are suitable for fulling and garments with interesting fabric or buttons. Then when washed and prepared I lay them out on the table, choose which materials would go well together, then start creating. I don't like to draw my designs out first, I let the materials guide me and just go with the flow.

There is a huge jumble sale at my daughters school on Saturday, can't wait to go rummaging. My Mum's coming over to join in. We're on a mission to find 'hand wash only' jumpers and interesting buttons. I volunteered to collect jumble in our street, and spent this morning sorting it. Unfortunately nothing exciting was unearthed.


feltedfibers said...

In real life I just dont like owls - I am scared of them but yes, I could wear your owl bag on my arm - he's beautiful nd I love the way you reuse materials from charity shops.
Hope you did well at the jumble sale, I too love a good rummage around.

Rebecca said...

We only have one local charity shop, but I plan a trip there on Friday morning. Can't wait to rummage!

Donni said...

WOW - your site is so lovely and inspiring - I need to listen to that inner creative voice a little more - thank you!