Saturday, February 02, 2008

Yay, we have snow, but not really enough for snowmen yet, fingers crossed!

Here's a little cuff I made this week. The green wool is from my recycled felted jumper stash and I've lined it with silk satin, so it's really nice to wear. I think green and red could be my favourite colour combination at the moment, (replacing blue and brown). The cuff's gone in the etsy shop, but if I go anywhere nice in the near future that calls for dressing up I might just have to nab this for myself.


Sarah Raad said...

hey there, no you won't cos I just bought it ha ha!!

Lovely blog btw.

Tracy said...

Lovely! And so is your bag from your previous post! Happy Day :o)

Chic Chick OleTusColores said...

I love it!!!!! the colours, texture, and looks so cute when you wear it!

Angie said...

I love these! That's one of my favourite colour combinations too, the colours look lovely together.