Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Howies Competition

A while ago I joined, I guess you could call it the UK equivalent of Etsy. It's still in Beta at the moment (is that how you phrase it?), but it's a really neat site. I love Etsy, but am always willing to give new things ago. I tried dawanda a while back and even though I've had a few sales, I just can't seem to get to grips with the lay out, and never use it anymore. So I saw Folksy on another blog and thought I'd give it a try, I joined and listed one bag, then I forgot all about it, until very recently. When I rediscovered it I spent a bit more time looking around and have really come to like it, it's so nice that it's a UK site and there are a lot of familiar names on there. What I need to do now is make some things to go in the shop, something I'm struggling with at the moment (through lack of time - not ideas), I'm not even doing very well at stocking the Etsy shop, and I feel the Christmas shopping season is nearly upon us!!! Anyway, Folksy had a competition in conjunction with Howies, the brief was "Life is complicated. Sport is simple." It just ended at 9.00 am today, and I managed to get my entry finished yesterday, just in the nick of time! Here it is....
It's all about me time, getting out of the house and having a break from the baby!


KitschenSink said...

Good luck with your entry! I am terrible with working ot briefs so I didn't enter. I like how the admins of Folksy really listen and get involved in the talking forums.

Also - don't worry about listing on etsy at the min because apparently new listings aren't appearing on searches etc... I subscribe to this which keeps me updated with current bugs.

I'll continue to blog about Artsmix... sounds like a good do and would be good to see you there

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Oh wow I love it... very best of luck!
Sara x

Ingrid said...

Just found this site when I googled felting as this is my new hobby. Love your work. I´ve only just staretd felting and can only do flat peices. Your bags are amazing and inspirational. Love them

lesley said...

Hello there,
Whist reading your blog and enjoying myself looking at your fabulous monster bags. I suddenly relised I believe I could know your ant, who helped you out at the woolfest. Its only a hunch but is she an ant R and does she meet with friends once a month for a creative textile afternoon. If not I appologise for the confusion, but fabulous blog anyway!
Lesley x

Ana Jordán said...

thank you for your visit to my blog.Me love your work well done, creative and fun, congratulations.
A greeting from Spain.