Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hello, I haven't posted for a while as I have been trying to get the website finished. Nearly there now, I can't wait to go live. We're just doing some last minute tweaking. Here are some pictures of a felt bucket I have been working on for a competition on the felting and needle felting forum - The theme is vacation, so I have made a bucket for my daughter to use when we go beach combing. She's a bit like me and likes to gather interesting bits and pieces!! I used photographs from our holiday last year as inspiration. We went to Staithes and the beach was amazing. We spent hours rock pooling, saw lots of hermit crabs and other creatures. I haven't entered the bucket just yet as I am not happy with the handles. These are the second pair I've tried but they don't look right. I think I'll try a strip of leather.

I'm also working on some more bags made from recycled jumpers. These are jumpers with a very high wool content that I picked up at a jumble sale. I washed them in the washing machine on a very hot wash. This shrinks and felts the wool creating a nice sturdy fabric for bag making.

Here's one I made earlier, I'm working on a collection at the moment and will post more pictures later. The butterfly was needle felted. My only problem is I'm running out of jumpers and I don't really have the time to visit all our local jumble sales!! I have tried charity shops but they are a bit too expensive, if it's pure wool they ask at least £5. So, I have invested in a second hand knitting machine, can't wait to get going with it.


feltedfibers said...

Love the bucket. look forward to seeing your website. Will go and have a peep at felting forum site.

gilraen said...

Your bucket is fabulous. I'm sure your little girl loves it. :)

Brookelynn said...

I am in love with that purse! Plaid is fabulous, and the size and shape are great too. Well done.