Monday, August 28, 2006

I am a very untidy worker. I try to keep my work area (and cupboards) neat and tidy, but I have come to the conclusion that I am more creative when surrounded by mess. I think if things are too neat I am almost afraid to do any thing that might muck it all up. I never have a neat approach to my work either. I will have an idea in my head which I have to try out, with out any planning or preparation. Sometimes this can be wasteful, although I try to recycle any disasters. Mostly, I think it is a good way to work, I often stumble on new techniques by accident, and I love to start a project never quite knowing how it will turn out. It's much more exciting to be spontaneous!!

Anyway, my sewing box is a real mess. It needs a good sort out, as all my threads are getting tangled and I can never find what I'm looking for. My pins are just loose in the top compartment and I'm gradually losing them, so the other day I made myself a pin cushion. I needle felted it with merino wool. I'm quite pleased with the way it looks, but it is far too shallow (the pins go right through it). I'm already working on pin cushion number 2. I shall let my daughter have the first one (shown in the picture) to use in her doll's house as a floor cushion / foot stool. I am now thinking they would make great stocking fillers so there could be many more to come. I am on a mission this year to make as many of my christmas presents as possible. I say this every year, but always leave it too late. This year I have already started!!! I am in the middle of making a rabbit ( from felted jumpers of course) for my niece.

Here is another jumper bag, at the moment I'm having fun playing around with different styles. I spend a while looking at the jumper and a design usually pops into my head. They take quite a while to make as I have to hand sew them, the wool is just to thick to fit under my foot!! The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of creating something new and beautiful out of something people have discarded, and it's always good to recycle. I feel more trips to jumble sales coming on!!

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