Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Charity shop finds...

I'm afraid I haven't been very productive these last few weeks. I have made some felted scarves which I will post tomorrow.

I have been rummaging around our local charity shops though, and managed a few good buys. The fabric was a pair of curtains I picked up at a bargain price, I'm planning to make some bags with it. Thought I might make a knitting bag and matching needle case and some tote bags.

The yarn is 100% wool, I love the colour, I'm still thinking about what I can knit with it. I also picked up a selection of old knitting patterns. My daughter wants me to crochet the poncho for her (but she's not very impressed with the colours in the picture) . I'm also keen to knit some socks, I managed to knit some fingerless mits from the alterknits book. So I think I am ready to tackle socks. Just got to finish my pink poncho first, which I have not touched since posting it on here a few weeks ago. I need to get more knitting needles, so I can have many knitting projects on the go at once!! Then I can pick and choose as the mood takes me. Well I'm off now to make a pig for my daughter.

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feltedfibers said...

Isn't it lovely rummaging in charity shops? I find oodles of bits and bobs in them, at the moment I am breaking down a beaded necklace I bought for £1 little brown, green, beige and black beads - great fun.