Thursday, September 14, 2006

Felted Scarf

I had some needle felted fabric I bought with the intention of making a felt rug. But at the moment I haven't the space to undertake such a large project, so I thought I'd have a play with some of the needle felt. I tie dyed some strips and and then found some hand dyed wensleydale curls in my stash that matched. So I needle felted these on to make a fringe. I was pleased with the first results so I thought I'd make some more. I spent ages on the internet trying to find some where that sells wensleydale fleeces un-combed. I eventually found the wensleydale longwool sheep shop which is only an hours drive from us in the Yorkshire dales. We went at the weekend and made a day out of it. The shop is lovely, some great yarns and knitting kits. They also have beautiful little sheepskin boots for children. I might have to go back there when I do my Christmas shopping. I was very good and only bought 1.5 kilos of unwashed fleece, had I been on my own I think I would of come away with a little selection of yarn as well. Here is the fleece, as it came, then after a wash!

When I made some more scarves, I needle felted the wool on first, then dyed the scarf. This works better as the dyeing and washing process felts the wool a bit more, securing the curls better. I'm not sure about the colours of the green and brown ones. I've already overdyed them once!! Do you like my form-o-matic dress form, it's another charity shop find. You put it together using split pins, there are different holes for different sizes so you can make the form up to your own dimensions, very clever!!

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feltedfibers said...

Love your scarves, havent used the needle felted fabric yet, saw it in Winghams, it is something on my to do list one day.