Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bad Timing....

I have been busy this last week preparing for a wild west party! We were all set to go, until the party girl woke up this morning with the tummy bug that's been doing the rounds at school. Thankfully she's perked up a bit this afternoon. We've re-scheduled the party for next week, the question is do I keep the wanted posters, tepee and saloon door up for a whole week?

I have also been busy making these, for a beautiful baby girl who was born last week. I think I made about 4 pairs, until I was happy with the design. I wanted to make sure they were comfortable. I'm really quite chuffed with them, if they prove to fit well and stay on baby's feet, then I am hoping to make some to sell. I might have a go at matching bibs as well.

I would love to start making things to sell again, I haven't done anything since Christmas. I have set myself a goal this year, to focus on just one thing. In the past I have gone through phases of making different things, and consequently when I do craft fairs, or put things in the etsy shop, they look like an odd mish mash. So this year I am working on lots of ideas, and exploring possibilities, but I'm not selling until I've worked out what it is I want to concentrate on. My problem is I enjoy too many different types of crafts, and I can get bored too easily.

My husband has also been busy, on my website, you can now buy direct without going through ebay!!! I just need to work on those kits, to fill it up.


artyfartykat said...

Its so difficult when you enjoy different crafts. I feel like a butterfly flitting from knitting to spinning to card making etc! I would love to focus on one thing, but I'm not sure if I would get bored. But I understand how you feel from a selling point of view, when things can look bitty! I must admit, I don't think your sites look bitty at all!!

Rebecca (feltmaking and sustainable living in rural Ireland) said...

Beautiful little shoes, if they stay on bubs your on to something big