Saturday, March 03, 2007

The White Witch

Morning, just a quick entry today. I have a big list of things I want to get done , unfortunately I'm still in weekend morning mode (not dressed yet)! It was National Book Day on Thursday and at the Infants school all the pupils had to go dressed up as a book character. E is really into 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' at the moment. So we decided on the White Witch, the beautiful crown was a Christmas present I bought from a craft fair, and she already had the white fairy costume, so I felted the cloak for her to finish the outfit off. I used merino wool with bits of silk noil and wensleydale curls on the surface, the whole thing is felted onto cotton scrim. It's difficult to see on the photograph but I shaped the cloak so the collar sticks up and the cloak comes in slightly at the waist. E is in character here, hence the scowl.

Have a good weekend, bye


artyfartykat said...

She looks gorgeous! Lucky girl to have such a talented mummy!

kneek said...

What a fantastic costume. That sounds like a ton of work. Lucky girl indeed.