Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I need more hours in the day!!

Time seems to be flying by at the moment, only 6 weeks to the woolfest, and I still have so much to do to prepare for it. My Husband took the children to the Royal Armouries and Meanwood Valley Urban Farm at the weekend so I could get some sewing done. It's amazing how much you can get done without any distractions. It was bliss. Later that evening there was nothing on telly, so we switched it off and I did some sewing whilst listening to music, we should switch the telly off more often, it was really nice. Listened to the Cocteau Twins, a bit of a trip down memory lane. I was really into them as a student, I also made my entrance at our wedding to them (there was no aisle, I came in through the garden terrace window).

Here's Maisy, the much loved pig. Her arms look a bit deformed as I didn't take a photo until after my daughter had taken her to school. Poor Maisy had been swung around the playground by her arms, she had enjoyed it, but was a bit concerned that she's pulled her elbows. She's now tucked up recuperating in bed.


artyfartykat said...

Your makes just get better and better! The pig is sooo cute, I love the facial expression!
Nice to hear you had some time to yourself too!

LucyKate Crafts said...

just wanted to say i came across your stuff on etsy and i love your corages, they are really beautiful.