Monday, May 07, 2007

It seems such a long time since I have written a post. I have been struck down by a nasty cold, and unfortunately, as a full-time, stay at home Mum, I don't get a day off to stay tucked up in bed. Thank goodness for CBeebies!! I did manage a bit of crafting before being ill. Meet Mr. Owl (I know, not a very original name), I made him for a friend's daughter as a belated birthday present. He is made from recycled, felted jumpers, and he's lovely and squishy. My daughter was so taken with him, that she placed an order for a pig, to be made in a similar style. I rose to the challenge and made a very cute pig in a pink stripy skirt, but I haven't got round to uploading the photographs yet, so she'll have to wait for the next post.

I was wondering if any other UK crafters out there have used the USD/GBP exchange rate as an excuse to buy lovely things from the USA. I treated myself to some lovely fabric, and remained guilt free because ' It was such a bargain with the current exchange rate!'. Here are some of the pieces I purchased from


artyfartykat said...

Mr Owl could roost in my house anytime! He's gorgeous!
I love the vintage style fabrics, the exchange rate is very tempting!

kneek said...

Those sleepy owl eyes are so endearing. I was tempted to buy some fabric from a UK shop because I forgot about the exchange rate - everything seemed so cheap!