Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Pink Flamingo

Hope all the UK readers had a good bank holiday weekend, even if we did have miserable weather, Harrogate had some tremendous hail storms!! I had a dream of a crafting weekend. My Husband took the children to his parents house for the weekend so I could get stuff done for woolfest. I did miss them, but it was so nice to get on without interruption, and quite surprising to actually have energy left in the evening. I always have good intentions of what I'll get done after the children have gone to bed, but in reality 9 times out of 10, I just end up flopping on the sofa for a night of guilty TV watching. I never use to have a problem about being lazy, but since children, time seems more precious, or maybe it's just since I got bitten by the crafting bug. I really feel bad if I'm not doing crafts of some kind whilst watching TV.

Anyway, enough rabbiting on. Unfortunately I don't have much for show and tell. Most of the weekend was spent dyeing fibres and putting together kits. I did finish a giant crocheted blanket, but haven't got round to taking a picture yet, it's going to be part of my backdrop. I did make this felt polka dot bag, as an example for my workshop which I'm teaching at the weekend. I used it today to make sure the handles hold up to a bulging purse, (sadly receipts not money), and all the other stuff I feel necessary to lug around. It worked a treat, just the right size, comfy to carry, and kept it's shape.

Here's some W.I.P, using recycled, fulled jumpers. One of the perks of being on the pre-school fund raising committee is getting to rummage through the jumble before the public. I picked up 8 pure wool jumpers, a collection of odd buttons and about 2 years worth of the knitting magazine. So many patterns!!!

And lastly, here are a few shots of my garden, alliums are one of my favourite flowers!!

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