Monday, August 20, 2007

We're back after a weeks holiday in Scotland. Think we might have picked the worst week to go weather wise, but had a fantastic time. We even managed a day on the beach on the last day and I swam in the sea! O.K. so it was only two strokes, it was very, very cold.

I'm going to be really busy this week as I have a stall at the Spofforth Gala on Monday, (I even whipped up a felt picture at the dining room table this morning, whilst my kids had their breakfast). I'm hoping to generate some interest in my workshops so I need to make lots of felt bags, jewellery and scarves. Of course I've known this for a long time, but I always seem to work better under pressure. That is why I leave things to the last minute, it's nothing to do with lack of organisation, honest!

This little fella flew into the porch of our cottage and panicked a little, so I caught him in a towel and put him in the garden. He was a bit stunned so I got some great photos before he flew off. Not sure if it's a chiffchaff or a willow warbler.

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Hyein said...

Oh so pretty birdie.