Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Craft Fair

Well I didn't make another scarf, as mentioned in the last post, which is a shame because I sold the two scarves I had at the Gala yesterday. It went really well and I sold a lot of the pieces I had listed on Etsy, so the shop is looking a bit bare now. I sold a good mix of things as well: craft kits; scarves; bags and jewellery. I also had a few people interested in the workshops. The weather was good, suprisingly for the UK and I met lots of friendly people. All in all, a great way to spend a bank holiday, my little boy had great fun as well, especially on the bouncy castle. My little girl, who's not so little now, is having a little holiday with her grandparents. Here are some shots of the stall, as you can see from the bags, it started off a bit windy, at one point the stall nearly blew over!!

Recently, Maggie inquired about this piece,

I didn't mean to leave you dangling, I get fustrated with reveals that go on for ever (have I mentioned I'm not a very patient person). It was a piece of felt I made with a poncho in mind, but the drape was all wrong, so I attacked it with scissors, it is now being turned into two very little summer tops. It's not finished yet and to be honest I've sort of lost interest in the project, but I'll get back to it when school starts again and I'll show you the end result.


MissMeshell said...

Oh the stall looks amazing! Wish I was there, I would have bought up all that delicious roving! hehe =) You have a beautiful blog! I must send mum here, she is a felt fanatic. xo

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

You have fantastic work... I'm glad I came across you on Guerilla Embroidery's blog! Sara x

VĂ¢nia Barbosa said...

Fantastic blog!
And... Your work is amazing!! *