Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hmmm, can't think of a title!!!

For Christmas my husband bought me a book 'The Digital Photography Book' by Scott Kelby. I have only had time to flick through, but it looks like a good book. I am hoping to get to grips with all the functions of my camera this year. Did you know you should only take landscapes at dawn or dusk (dawn being the preferred time)!!!! Since reading this I have been meaning to get my backside out of bed as soon as my little lad awakes (6.30ish), but this is proving harder than I thought, I really am not a morning person. Anyway, there was some pointers about composition, which I practiced on a family walk around Swinsty reservoir on new years day, here are two of my favourites, taken during a hail storm (these are not black and white photographs, it was just very dramatic light).

I still haven't got back into crafting, but I have been filling my sketch book. One of my new years resolutions was to do at least one page in my sketch book every day. So far so good, and I'm really enjoying it. I usually only use my sketch book if I have an idea, but now I'm creating ideas all the time.

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artyfartykat said...

The photos look really dramatic. They are stunning!
Happy New Year!