Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Psychedelic Cupcake

Thank you for your comments, I don't seem to be able to e-mail people who have commented on my blog. I'm sure I have done this in the past but I can't work it out, maybe it's since blogger was updated. In answer to Artyfartykat's question, I did use cutters, the flowers are made with a fimo cutter, the circles with the lid of a pritt stick and the squares with a felting needle container!! I had to make a small hole in the container so I could blow the fimo out.

The waistcoat is still unchanged, but I have managed a bit of knitting recently, here is my first attempt at a bun, or as the say in the USA, a cupcake. I know it looks loaded with food colouring, but it's the only colours I had in DK.

That's all for now, I received 17 Japanese craft books today, so now the children are tucked up in bed, I'm going to settle down on the sofa with a bag of haribo and work my way through the stack. I've been looking forward to this all day!!


goergina said...
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artyfartykat said...

Love the cake!
Hope you managed to get through all 17 books!