Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A few weeks ago I had some more wool delivered and decided to mix the colours up a bit, I always like a change every now and then. Here are the new colour combinations.



English Rose




I also bought a pop up light tent from ebay, to try and photograph the colours more accurately. Seems to work. I'm just waiting for my husband to load them up onto the website. In the meantime I listed them on ebay and etsy. I was surprised that after being listed for just a day on etsy they seemed to be selling well, (my etsy sales are normally a slow trickle). I was also a bit flummoxed as to why my hearts had dramatically increased over night. The mystery was solved when I realised I'd been included on a treasury that had made it to the front page! Unfortunately I was tucked up in bed when this happened so I missed my debut, but it was still exciting.

There's a new craft blog I'm reading called driftwood, written by a student from one of my workshops. She's only just begun blogging recently but it's full of crafting endeavors of her and her children. Well worth a visit.


driftwood said...

the colour combinations are gorgeous, can't decide which I like best - ocean maybe. Thanks for the mention!!!!

SandieK said...

Hi, Wonderful wools, I know where to come when I run out. Glad you enjoyed your holiday. I've set up another blog and put a link on toyours. I'd be grateful if you could do the same. It is connected to my recycling tectile site Rag Rescue. The blog is
If any of your work incorporates recycled fabrics or embellishments then if you send them to me I'll do a feature on them in this new blog.