Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Over the years I have been collecting 100% wool jumpers from local jumble sales, I used to make them into bags, but became a little fed up as the style and shape of the jumper would dictate the design of the bag, and I like to start with the design of the bag first. I think that made sense? Any how, I stopped making bags but still have lots of jumpers, so every now and then I try to utilise them. Most efforts have been unsuccessful, and abandoned, but over the last few days I have created this.

My inspiration was from a book (sorry, can't remember what it was called) I flicked through at one of the shows. It suggested sewing strips of felted jumpers onto yarn and then knitting with it. I've gone a bit off knitting at the mo, so I just sewed some strips together in layers to build up a lovely textured choker. The beads were an after thought, to hide the stitching. I guess it's a cross between a scarf and choker. An item of jewellery that can also keep you snug in winter. I'm keeping this one for myself, because apart from loving it, it is slightly flawed (because I was making it up as I went along). However, I have ideas for improving the design, so I may get to use some of those old jumpers after all, and create a little more storage space for my ever growing craft supplies.

How frustrating, blogger's not uploading photographs again! I'll have to save and post later. Best get some stuff listed on Etsy before I pick up the kids.

At last, blogger is working. I've managed to add three new pieces to etsy, which I'll blog later, and I reckon I've just got time for an uninterrupted cup of tea before the school run.

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Feltbug said...

Hello - thankyou for dropping in :) I love this neckpiece.