Monday, March 31, 2008

Bugs and Beads

Hi there, sorry it's been a while since my last post, I've been ill. I thought I was going a bit mad, as I had a succession of symptoms, without being really sick. It started with a sore back, then the next day it was shivers and a slight temp, the next few days I had a rash, that seemed to come and go a bit, then all my joints swelled up and became stiff and painful. That's the point I went to the doctors, turned out I'd had some sort of nasty bug, (phew, thought I was becoming a hypochondriac). I'm now on anti-inflammatory drugs which are starting to work their magic. So, I'm afraid I haven't much felting to share with you. It's been horrible not being physically able to felt, instead I had to make do with sketch book work, which has led to more felting ideas! Not that I needed any more, I already have a big list of things to try out. I did manage this necklace, I bought the glass beads at the bead fair, then made felt beads to match.

For those of you wanting to try out felt beads you should visit Mill Girl, she has an excellent tutorial.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to The Funky Felter for featuring me on her blog.

And here's another idea I'm working on, coasters, H is not so keen as they're not symmetrical!

Talking of H, he was very sweet at the weekend and took the kids out for lunch, the cinema and even the art gallery, so I could rest at home :) It was bliss, just what I needed before another week of entertaining them before they go back to school and pre-school.

Is anyone else sick of having chocolate eggs in the house, I am constantly being nagged for more chocolate, the sooner they're gone the better. I might even have to help deplete the stocks after they've gone to bed - is that a bad parent thing to do?


Liz (made in lowell) said...

Thanks for linking to my blog for my wet-felted beads tutorial :) I very much aprreciate it. The beads you made to compliment the lampwork ones are so clever!

driftwood said...

oh hope you are feeling better soon, that sounds really nasty...
the beads are lovely, gorgeous colours, thanks for the link!

I know what you mean about chocolate eggs, I've been handing out loads whenever they are being nice,(instead of when they come and ask for it) to try and get rid of it all, and one little mars bar egg did have to be tested for poison...