Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Custom Made Felted Monster

Here's a monster I've been work on. As I've made him for a custom order I feel he should remain nameless, I'm sure he'll be given a name when he arrives at his new home. He has a few special features, like Gertrude he has a bit of a problem with one of his eyes, and a little tongue that pops out when he doesn't get his own way. He's also had a bit of surgery recently and is waiting for his scar to heal. But the best thing about this monster is that hiding under his tie is a little pocket just the right size to hold keepsakes.

There's a few people waiting on monster bags, so I'm going to try and finish a few off this afternoon.


Valerina said...

He's so cute! In a scary monster-y sort of way!

driftwood said...

ooh scary monsters everytime I come here now! must remember not to come when it's dark!