Thursday, April 17, 2008


I love entering crafty competitions, I find it motivates me to try out ideas and have a go at new things. In the past I have seen competitions on the web, and got as far as thinking about possible designs, but then the closing date has come way to quickly and I end up missing the deadline. I seem to have a bit more time on my hands now (with the youngest doing 4 half sessions a week at pre-school), or maybe I am just more motivated with my felting at the moment, anyway, I'm going competition mad. I've just entered the last of my softies in the 2nd Annual Softie Awards, I ended up entering the big blue ugly monster in the cutest face category along with his friend the blob, so as not to hurt their feelings, but between you and me, they don't stand a cat in hells chance when you look at all the very cute entries. Still, I've told them that it's the taking part that counts and that not everyone can be a winner.

I've also entered Victor into the embroidered to death category. I finished him last night. I've been wanting to do a large owl sculpture for a while now. I'm really pleased because Victor came out better than I had imagined. At one point he wasn't looking so good, but I managed to manipulate his head to give him that 'w' shape on top, which made a big difference.

Here's another competition that grabbed my attention, I was reading the craftzine blog, and there was details of a competition to make a pair of baby booties out of Michael Miller fabric. I have designed and made a few booties before and love Michael Miller fabric so I was thinking that I must enter (also there are some great prizes on offer). Then I nearly fell of my chair when I scrolled down and saw a pair of my booties posted on the blog for inspiration! Here they are, I'd made them last year for my friends little girl.

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Valerina said...

Your work keeps getting better and better. Cant wait to see what you create next! Love the owl and the booties!