Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fabric and Felting

Oh my, I was supposed to have been wet felting last night, but can you believe I spent all night on the computer buying fabric!! Where did the hours go? It was because I wanted some cute Japanese fabric to cover some buttons, I'd seen a few designs I liked but really struggled to find one shop that sold them all, that is until I stumbled upon, and then I must have spent another two hours, looking at all they're beautiful fabric and filling up my shopping cart :) When I'd finished I was feeling a bit guilty so I made my little baby monster into a cute necklace (which I've just listed on Etsy), then went to bed. However, I then had an idea of an owl necklace stuck in my head, so, unable to leave it until the morning, I went and grabbed my supplies and started needle felting in bed!! I think I strained my eyes because my bedside lamp is pants. Do any other crafters find it hard to switch off, I now carry a pad and pencil permanently in my bag because I will come up with new ideas all the time. There's no photos of the owl yet, I thought I had finished it but H came home at lunch time and said it needed ears, he was right, I added ears and it looks much better, I just don't have the energy to retake the photos.


Hugs said...

I am looking forward to see picture of the owl: my sister collects them and since she's in Canada. a small, unbreakable one would make a good addition to her collection! (and yes, I also have trouble going to bed at night, there's always just another line of quilting or another row of crochet to do...)

driftwood said...

online fabric shops are an amazing way to spend hours and hours, and pounds and pounds too!
I'm always having ideas, and writing them down, it's putting them into action that's the hard bit.