Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Pincushions

Ok, the winner hasn't been in touch yet so I can't list the other pincushions until she's picked her favourite. However, I've just finished these two and listed them on Etsy. Rupert and Lizzie, they look very alike don't they, you could almost mistake them for Brother and Sister. I'll keep this one short as I've got a big to do list!! I can't decide whether to go to the British Craft Trade Fair this afternoon whilst my youngest is at pre-school, or stay at home and catch up with everything.


driftwood said...

craft fair wins hands down, just think of all that inspiration, you could always leave your wallet at home.

jenstrendspot said...

I love your pin cushions. I have never seen your blog before today. Are you going to make more of them for your ETSY store? How can I get one?