Sunday, April 13, 2008


Vone got in touch and has picked Dixie, so Dixie has been wrapped up and parceled off to start new adventures over on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. So I just spent the morning listing the other mini monsters on etsy.

I was teaching a felting workshop yesterday, Nuno felted scarves, unfortunately there wasn't enough time to take photographs, which is a shame because the students made some fantastic scarves. I'm having a bit of a break from the workshops, but they'll be starting up again in June. I'd like to do some new workshops and am thinking of offering a monster bag workshop and felted vessels.

Here's my latest felt creation, another mini monster, she's my favourite so far, I've entered her into the pink category of the 2nd Annual Softie Awards , and I was very excited to see her make an appearance on Softies Central.

I have the house to myself as the rest of the family have gone to look at bikes, so I'm going to go and make the most of it now.


driftwood said...

a felted vessels workshop sounds great!

Katy said...

I love her too - those mini monsters are brilliant!!!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I love this little monster!

I've just launched a social network for feltmakers (something I've been working on for sometime) to find resources and share tips... would love you to join, you are free to mention your shops, workshops, events and projects.

Would love to see you over there,
Sara x

Valerina said...

A lip ring and everything, fun!