Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blog Makeover...

I've had a day of tweaking, hope you like the new look. I definitely think white is better than black. I have also been busy today listing more eco craft products and funky bags on Etsy. I love the new site. The shops look great with the larger thumbnails. The items I've listed are left over from the craft show. I have more to list over the next few days. Here's one of the bags that's now being displayed in the shop.

If there are any felt makers out there, I have sponsored the felting competition on the felting and needle felting forum this month. If you win you get to choose £20's worth of goodies from my ebay shop. Last time I looked there wasn't any entries so the odds look good. The theme is "holiday".

Talking of holiday, I'm making very little headway with my mission to make as many Christmas presents as possible this year. I have started some little booties though, they are so cute, just trying to work out how to get them to stay on those tiny little feet!

I've also finally got round to listing some silk paper making kits (silk fusion) in the ebay shop. I put them together for the craft fair, and sold quite a few. I demonstrated the technique (helps pass the time away in those slow periods). If you are unfamiliar with silk paper making, there are instructions on my website. It's very easy to do and looks fantastic. My 4 year old daughter was helping me demo, she loves it. Here's a tree a did a while ago.

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