Thursday, November 02, 2006

I was thinking the other day that I set out to create a felt makers blog, hence the name, and there hasn't been a lot of felting recently. I apologise, the reason for this is the weather. In spring I set up my studio in the garage, which was great, I could leave projects out, and not worry about messing the carpet. Unfortunately, now autumn has well and truely arrived, my studio is very, very cold, and I don't do cold!! I have plans for a shed / log cabin in the garden which I can insulate and heat without too much expense, but for now I have moved inside and am spending my evenings playing with felted jumpers. Here's my latest creations....

The bag above is one I have made for myself, it's a wristlet, but I have discovered the handle is just the right length to fit over one of the buggy handles. The bag then nestles in the buggy hood, allowing easy access for me, whilst keeping it secure.
I'm really pleased with this bag, I bought the frame on ebay. It took me along time to work out how to get the fabric to stay in the frame. Very frustrating but I cracked it in the end. I used some sort of adjustable wrench with bits of jumper secured to the ends with elastic bands (to stop scratching) to squeeze the frame, trapping the fabric. I have since carried out my bag test (hanging the bag up overnight with my very heavy purse and mobile phone in it), and it passed!!!!
This is another brooch, I have made a couple of these for my Etsy shop. The cotton fabric is from a shirt bought from the big jumble sale!

I'm planning to do a 2 day craft fair in 2 weeks time. I have only just decided to do this, I must be mad, I really need to get busy creating. I am going to sell my craft kits as well, so they will fill the stall up a bit. I will proberbly demonstrate silk paper making. From past experience I've found it's a great crowd puller.

I took my Son to the library the other day, and couldn't resist popping into a few charity shops. Here's some of my haul.... the blue curtains are Sanderson fabric.

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