Sunday, November 19, 2006

Whiplash Competition

Here's my entry for the design section of this month's whiplash competition. Hope I'm not too late. When I saw it was alternative crafts I got quite excited. I recently got a copy of alterknits and fancied knitting something, (I have neglected my knitting for a while). I brainstormed what alternative yarn I could knit with and decided on lace. Some month's ago I acquired a lot of lace and keep thinking of ways to introduce it into my work. So here is my finished piece, a shabby chic purse to keep treasured bits and pieces in. The lace is knitted in garter stitch, then I used some odd buttons from the button jar for decoration and threaded bits of ribbon through the knitting on the top flap. Hope you like it.


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Lina said...

Very cute, nice work!