Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Like Big

It grows really quickly. A bonus for someone like me who isn't very patient. I made this throw with 5 separate balls of wool and a 20 mm crochet hook.

I finished this bag off last night whilst watching TV, I'm almost ashamed to say it, I was watching Big Brother!! I'm not an avid fan, but I like to watch the first night, so I can see all the characters, then if I happen to watch it later on, because there is absolutely nothing else to watch on any of the other channels, then at least I know who's who. Anyway, back to the bag, it's felted using the same resist as the polka dot bag, just finished differently. The flower was made like this.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Pink Flamingo

Hope all the UK readers had a good bank holiday weekend, even if we did have miserable weather, Harrogate had some tremendous hail storms!! I had a dream of a crafting weekend. My Husband took the children to his parents house for the weekend so I could get stuff done for woolfest. I did miss them, but it was so nice to get on without interruption, and quite surprising to actually have energy left in the evening. I always have good intentions of what I'll get done after the children have gone to bed, but in reality 9 times out of 10, I just end up flopping on the sofa for a night of guilty TV watching. I never use to have a problem about being lazy, but since children, time seems more precious, or maybe it's just since I got bitten by the crafting bug. I really feel bad if I'm not doing crafts of some kind whilst watching TV.

Anyway, enough rabbiting on. Unfortunately I don't have much for show and tell. Most of the weekend was spent dyeing fibres and putting together kits. I did finish a giant crocheted blanket, but haven't got round to taking a picture yet, it's going to be part of my backdrop. I did make this felt polka dot bag, as an example for my workshop which I'm teaching at the weekend. I used it today to make sure the handles hold up to a bulging purse, (sadly receipts not money), and all the other stuff I feel necessary to lug around. It worked a treat, just the right size, comfy to carry, and kept it's shape.

Here's some W.I.P, using recycled, fulled jumpers. One of the perks of being on the pre-school fund raising committee is getting to rummage through the jumble before the public. I picked up 8 pure wool jumpers, a collection of odd buttons and about 2 years worth of the knitting magazine. So many patterns!!!

And lastly, here are a few shots of my garden, alliums are one of my favourite flowers!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I need more hours in the day!!

Time seems to be flying by at the moment, only 6 weeks to the woolfest, and I still have so much to do to prepare for it. My Husband took the children to the Royal Armouries and Meanwood Valley Urban Farm at the weekend so I could get some sewing done. It's amazing how much you can get done without any distractions. It was bliss. Later that evening there was nothing on telly, so we switched it off and I did some sewing whilst listening to music, we should switch the telly off more often, it was really nice. Listened to the Cocteau Twins, a bit of a trip down memory lane. I was really into them as a student, I also made my entrance at our wedding to them (there was no aisle, I came in through the garden terrace window).

Here's Maisy, the much loved pig. Her arms look a bit deformed as I didn't take a photo until after my daughter had taken her to school. Poor Maisy had been swung around the playground by her arms, she had enjoyed it, but was a bit concerned that she's pulled her elbows. She's now tucked up recuperating in bed.

Monday, May 07, 2007

It seems such a long time since I have written a post. I have been struck down by a nasty cold, and unfortunately, as a full-time, stay at home Mum, I don't get a day off to stay tucked up in bed. Thank goodness for CBeebies!! I did manage a bit of crafting before being ill. Meet Mr. Owl (I know, not a very original name), I made him for a friend's daughter as a belated birthday present. He is made from recycled, felted jumpers, and he's lovely and squishy. My daughter was so taken with him, that she placed an order for a pig, to be made in a similar style. I rose to the challenge and made a very cute pig in a pink stripy skirt, but I haven't got round to uploading the photographs yet, so she'll have to wait for the next post.

I was wondering if any other UK crafters out there have used the USD/GBP exchange rate as an excuse to buy lovely things from the USA. I treated myself to some lovely fabric, and remained guilt free because ' It was such a bargain with the current exchange rate!'. Here are some of the pieces I purchased from