Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm still here...

Just popping back to clear away the cobwebs! Summer flew by this year, we enjoyed a couple of camping trips and took our kids to their first music festival. The Greenman fetival was fantastic, very family friendly, and I was so chuffed that the children really embraced the experience and enjoyed watching the live bands, despite having 48 hours of continuous rain! Well it was in Wales so what did we accept.

We got a new addition to our family over the holidays, which inspired the kids to make these lovely felted pictures. Can you guess what it is?

Actually, not long after the kids created these, Hammy managed to escape from his cage and disappeared without a trace. Having spent 4 days looking in every nook and cranny, removing the bath pannel and lifting the odd floor board, we came to the conclusion that he'd gone to meet his maker. The kids were upset so we popped off to the pet shop and chose another hamster. A few hours later and Rosalena was settling nicely into her new home, the kids went off to bed happy and I popped into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, only to be confronted by a hideous smell. Some where up above there was a funny noise and when I investigated who should I spy but Hammy in a glass vase on a very high shelf in the kitchen. I think he had been under the floor boards all along and popped out through an air vent straight into the vase. So we now have two hamsters, a male and a female, the kids are under strict instructions not to let them out at the same time, two is definately enough!