Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tweet, Tweet

Here are some little birds I've been making for woolfest, the first two are perched on a dry stone wall of felted soaps. I still have lots to do, not enough hours in the day!


I'd really like to go and see this....

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Felting Workshops

I forgot to mention, the new set of felting workshops are up on the website (although some of the photo's need updating - will get DH onto it today). Take a look here.

Sorry, no felt today.....

I'm being a bit pants with the blog again, I'm also behind in the reading of blogs as well, I have over 500 unread entries in google reader!! Ever since taking time off from the computer during the half term holidays I've struggled to get back into it. It could be the good weather we're having, we had a cracker of weekend last week so we took an impromptu camping trip with our new family sized tent. It was fantastic to get away and explore somewhere new, the kids loved it. We're hoping to do it more often, surely we're due a hot summer aren't we?

These photos were taken on the Ingleton waterfall walk, so proud that the kids managed a 4.5 mile walk in hot weather with no complaining!

I received some good news last week, I don't know if I'd mentioned it here, but I was a little bit slow getting my Woolfest application in and missed out on a stall. I was gutted as I really like doing this show. Well, someone has pulled out, so I got a call last week to tell me there's a stall going if I want it! I'm really excited, but I'm working like mad to get enough stock ready, only 3 weeks to go!. Also, all the B&B's are booked up, so I'm camping with my Auntie (who doesn't camp), fingers crossed for good weather.

Other non felting news, here's my cat, after surgery to rectify an ingrowing eyelid and remove pre cancerous lumps from both ears! She's making a good recovery, but now looks a little bit like a bear! For those of you with white haired cats, use sun block if you want to avoid expensive vet bills!
I'll be back next week with some pictures of things I'm making for woolfest, I have been doing a lot of dyeing!