Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What a busy craft time I'm having at the moment. I spent last week cutting out crowns, which little children then decorated in the craft tent at our very first pre-school fun day gala. Thankfully, it didn't rain, which for those of you living in the UK will know, was nothing short of a miracle. What happened to summer? I then rustled up a mermaid costume for E, for a school trip. I even felted some seaweed to go in her hair. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture this morning and by the time I picked her up, part of her tail was hanging off. I'm going to mend it and will post pictures later.

I also found to time to finish one of my pink projects and have just listed it on Etsy. Here it is:

Really pleased with the way it turned out, so I'm hoping to make some more in different colours.

I have also been playing around with some fimo. I bought some to make buttons, but decided they weren't strong enough, unfortunately, I reached that conclusion after buying a lot of different colours and some very expensive cutters. So I dug it all out this week and have been making some pendants. I'm hoping to create some jewellery combining the clay and felt.

Have you noticed how much crafts I've been cramming in before the school holidays start? I'm supposed to be helping my husband decorate the hallway, but I just can't help myself!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Here are some of the things I've been working on, more will be revealed when the items are finished.

Friday, July 06, 2007


At last I've found time to blog. Woolfest was fantastic, I met lots of lovely people and came back all enthused to get back into my felting. Here are a few pictures:

I'd like to say a big thank you to my Mum and Auntie, who came along with me to help man the stand. It was so nice to have their support and company over the two days. I owe you both, thanks.

Can you see my Fibrespace bunting? I was inspired by Raspberry, who has very pretty bunting on her craft stalls.

Like I said I came back all enthusiastic, which is why my blog's a week late. I've been busy felting! Whilst preparing for the woolfest I didn't have much time to make things, and boy was I getting withdrall symptoms! If I did make anything before woolfest, I would feel guilty, and that just spoils all the fun, but now I'm back, which means the bare minimum of housework is being done! Oh well, I'm not too keen on the minamalist look anyway, I find clutter gives a sort of lived in charm to a house.

Pictures of my latests experiments with wool will follow shortly, all I can tell you is they're very pink, lovely delicious hot pink!! Possibly one of my favourite colours, it's certainly a reoccurring theme in my work.