Friday, January 23, 2009

Monster Bag Workshop

Tomorrow I'm teaching a felted monster workshop for the IFA region 10. Although I've taught quite a few bag workshops before this is the first one using my latest methods which incorporates Norwegian needle felt. In preparation I've been spending this week making monster bags, in order to decide on the best shape resist. Here's my favourite, Catherine, I love her hair, but it keeps getting in her eyes so I'm wondering if I should give her a fringe, what do you think?


and back

She's not the prettiest of girls is she, infact she looks a little bit like a man in drag, but don't tell her I said so.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love Monsters

Thanks for those of you who voted for me, alas, I did not win. The knitted boob and the clanger took joint first, but I really enjoyed making the doll and her little outfit. It has reaffirmed my desire to make felt clothing, I'd love a coat like the one the doll modeled and it wasn't too complicated to make, I just don't have a table big enough. Maybe in summer I will be able to have a go out on the lawn, get the kids to help me with the rolling. Until summer I'll just have to make do with making coats for dolls. My daughter was quite taken with the doll and wants me to make her one, at first she wanted it to look like fleabag monkey face, but has since changed her mind and would prefer a princess peach look a like (my kids are a little addicted to Mario driving game wii)! She drew a design last night for me to work to (see I'm teaching her well), but I think she's keen to make the accessories this space!

Thinking ahead to Valentine's day I've made a few Love Monsters, they're similar to my mini monster pincushions, but each one is sporting a little heart, they can be given as a token of love, or used as place to keep your pins handy.This cheeky bunch are reeking havok in my Folksy shop, but I'll be making more soon and will put some in the etsy shop as well.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Haute Couture

Here's something else I have made this week.....

It is for a competition over on folksy, the brief was to make something inspired by UK news. Here's the piece I wrote to explain my inspiration,

'Fed up with looking like Michelin man during our arctic snap, well you can keep warm and look fantastic in handmade pure wool clothes!

Our model Sarah is wearing a hand felted merino top with a little ribbon rose detail. The skirt is made from a luxury pure wool woven fabric. She is also sporting a custom made merino wool and silk coat with matching flower brooch, the snug but stylish outfit is finished off with a beautifully soft merino wool scarf, perfect for keeping those chilly northern winds out.

Inspired by

Voting is now open until midnight on Sunday over on the folksy blog so go take a peak at the other entries, and if you thing I'm worthy of winning I'd really appreciate your vote :-)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Felting again

Sorry folks, I've been absent for a rather long time, even my Mum has commented that there has been no recent blog posts. I have come to the conclusion that blogging whilst the children are off school is just a no go, as soon as I'm on the computer my son climbs onto my lap and starts nagging for the Cbeebies website.

Anyway, hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Our New Years plans were scuppered by illness, but I don't think we were alone there, lots of nasty bugs around at the moment.

Well the kids went back to school on Monday and my son is now full time, which means I get to do a lot more felting :) , I was going to post on Monday, but realised I had nothing to show, so I got to work felting instead....

here's a handbag I made for my City & Guilds course, the idea was to manipulate felt to create texture. I have an on going theme of forests and fairy tales so I tried to create a bag that looked like it had been made from wood. I think I'll make it into a little pouch that hangs from your belt. I can imagine a forest fairy wearing one to keep her fairy dust in!