Friday, July 14, 2006

I was searching for a felting blog and didn't have much luck, so I thought I'd start my own. I call myself a fibre and textile artist / designer. Which basically means I dable with anything remotely connected to fibre. Craft ventures of the past and present include: weaving, knitting; silk painting; silk paper making; dyeing; crochet...... to name a few. But it's felt making that's really grabbed me. I am quite impatient so I like the fact that you get quick results. I recently invested in a drum carder and have been busy blending colours to felt. Here's a felted, psychadelic seascape. The background is dyed merino wool (blended on carder). Then I placed hand dyed silk hankies (mawata squares) on top - slightly stretched to give a cobweb effect. The pink lines are actually a felted scarf that went a bit wrong, so I cut it up and added it to the picture. Since taking this photograph my husband informed me that he really didn't like the lines, and I started to agree with him, so I have removed them. The picture is now waiting to be refelted!!!
Well here it is with the lines missing. I do think it looks better. If you look closely you can see where they were, but I quite like this.


LindaWardill said...

I think the red lines look good, I think they add something and the picture wouldn't be as interesting if you removed them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, congratulations on your web page, your mum emailed and suggested I visited it. I'm well impressed. I too like the lines... it gives the piece more interest.

I have been working in recyled wool fabrics lately and got a second with a piece I submitted in an exhibiton last year with my piece in the Amateur Contemporary category. I'll email you a picture if you like.

Keep up the good work... I hope to visit again next September for a month or so, hopefully we might get to spend abit more time together and I can visit you in your studio!

Yours in stitches...
Cousin Dawn xx

feltedfibers said...

Hi Beth, Found your blog on the Dropped Spindle, you are right there doesn't seem to be many felters blogs - not sure why. Love your peice but I too love the pink lines on it, gives a lot of interest to the piece.