Sunday, December 31, 2006

The end of the 2006...

Hope you all had a good Christmas. Here is my festive picture I was supposed to post on Christmas Eve, to wish everyone a merry Christmas. Well, I've finally found a few moments to myself to update the Blog!! It is our family advent calender made for us by my talented Mum, she is a quilter, amongst other things and nurtured my love of crafts from a very early age. I know she is now itching to start teaching my daughter to knit. She's just a bit to young at the moment, things still need to be instantaneous, guess she takes after me.

I have had a bit of an enforced break from crafting over the festive period, so I don't have anything recent to show you. However, this is another present I managed to get finished in time for Christmas. It's a needle felted fairy. She has a wire armature, allowing her to be posed. My daughter would like one exactly the same so I had too take a few photographs before I wrapped her up. I'm quite new to needle felting, and I haven't made my mind up whether it's something I'll stick with yet. It's very time consuming and I usually draw blood at least once, but it's a great craft to do on your knee whilst watching telly.

My husband bought me The Crafter's Companion for Christmas, so although I have been unable to get stuck into any new projects, I have been busy reading and gaining inspiration. It's a great book, I love to read about what inspires other artists. I also liked reading about different people's studio space, although I did get a bit jealous. I'm still operating off the dining room table, having abandoned the garage as a bad idea. 2007 is the year I get my own dedicated studio space!!! ( I hope....I have plans ).

Have a good new year everyone!!!!


Ang said...

L loves her fairy, she's joined the rest of the dolly's she got for christmas for a tea party that's been going on since Christmas Day. Can't belive Scott bought me the exact same book too!! He doesn't know it yet but after the hall, I've got plans to redecorate my workroom (nevermind there's a baby to be born at some point too!!)

artyfartykat said...

The quilt looks beautiful.
What a talented family!!

linda said...

just like to say I made the advent calender from a pattern by Nancy Halvorsen, with a few alterations. You may take after me Beth, but you are far more creative then I ever was or are ever likely to be!