Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blog Review: Embroidery with an edge

Recently I have come across a lot of textile art blogs via Flickr. One of these discoveries is Embroidery with an edge by the talented Guerilla Embroidery. Based in Manchester (UK), she creates amazing pieces of textile art using hand and free machine embroidery, and beautifully vivid colours. The blog is a creative diary where she shares her recent work, and shows photographs of her work in progress.

She also shares includes work of other artists and has some excellent pictures of street art. In her Etsy and Dawanda shops she sells stunning brooches and purses, this little bird is my favourite.
If you are into embroidery you have to check out this blog, as a recent embroidery graduate her work is so detailed and neat, you can't fail to be inspired. You can also view her flickr pictures here.

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