Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's just about the end of my daughters first half term holiday, she only started school in September. My DH took the week off as well, so we've been quite busy, not much crafting done. I did well at the jumble sale last Saturday though....
  • Seven jumpers, six of which fulled (felted) beautifully
  • A few shirts with shell buttons and nice fabric for bag linings
  • A linen dress with floral embroidery - destined to be a bag
  • Three horrible bags with very nice wooden and bamboo bag handles
  • A nice top which I intend to wear
  • and some books for the children
I think that's it. I meant to take some photographs but I've already started cutting things up. I was surprised at how excited I was before I went and then I got quite a buzz hunting out bargains from the huge pile of clothes. I think I may have stumbled on a new hobby.

We went to stay with my parents this weekend and while we were there we drove up to Flamborough Head. My daughter has been learning about lighthouses at school so we braved the windy East Coast. She was a bit disappointed that you couldn't go inside but loved the beach. We went rock pooling and Papa found a few crabs and a very small shrimp! No hermit crabs this time. I got carried away taking photographs of the rocks. There were some beautiful patterns where the limpets had been. I fancy printing some of the photos onto fabric.

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