Sunday, February 18, 2007

Better late than never

OK, so I didn't post this the next day, but here are the results of our Christmas knitting challenge. I belong to a very small knitting group, we meet up once a month at each others houses, and knit. At Christmas, inspired by some of the exercises in 'alterknits' I gathered some of my stash and wrapped them up, each member had to choose two parcels, a large and small amount of yarn. The challenge was to knit something without a pattern. Here are the results...

Angela from momo mimi mo so shake had picked some hand dyed linen boucle (I think), and a bit of green rowan big yarn. She made this amazing mermaid, I love the hair!!

My Mum made this beautiful bag from some hand dyed pencil roving. Her small yarn was some undyed pencil roving which she threaded through so it looks like the bag is woven. She even lined the bag and added a zip!!!

I also made a bag from some hand dyed pencil roving, I used a bubble / bobble pattern. I knitted it on big needles and shrunk it in the washing machine. The handles are finger knitted in a continous tube, great for handles (I'll have to share that with you someday). You may be wondering where my accent yarn is? I had a bit of crystal palace fizz yarn, which I plaited with the roving. I then threaded the the braid through the holes in the bag (caused by the pattern).
However, I didn't like it and have removed it, it is now lost, I think my daughtwer may have squirreled it away in her room some where. In true Beth style, mine is not quite finished yet, as my Mum pointed out , it needs lining (because of the holes). I want to make an oversized lining so it billows out through the holes. Some day, I will find a spare moment to whip one up. What I'd give for a sewing room where your sewing machine is permenantly set up!!

There will be another wonderful item to show case soon, Emma has yet to finish hers.

Here is a bit of felt I have done recently, it is one of the samples for the workshop. I also photographed the making of it, as I'm revamping my beginners felt making kits. Hopefully they'll be on the website soon. Our shopping cart is set up, all I need to do now is take the photographs. I stock about 50 colours of merino wool top, which I need to photograph and rename (my supplier just uses numbers which can get a bit confusing).


Anonymous said...

I adore mermaids, this one is sweet indeed. And yes, to have a permanently set up sewing machine, what a dream.

artyfartykat said...

What a fab idea! They all look gorgeous.
I love the colours and textures of the felt, they remind me of the sea!