Friday, February 23, 2007

Felted waistcoat

I finally finished it, well apart from needing to rinse the tailer's chalk off. I will model it soon, I promise. I'm really happy with it. Although next time I'd like to make a much larger piece so it meets in the middle! It's really difficult to felt big!! I didn't felt the collar as much as the waistcoat, so it's lovely and soft with a really nice drape.

This is a little bag I've had in my head for a while (ever since I got my hands on those sweet love heart handles). I finally managed to squeeze it in this week. I felted a circle, then cut a slit along one edge and turned it inside out. I folded the flaps in on themselves, this allowed me to put a magnetic clasp in. I am now on the look out for some love heart fabric to line the bag, and maybe make a little purse.

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