Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Did I really need any more Fabric?

(I've had this blog in draft for a while, with the Easter holidays it's been difficult to post, but I have a few things I've been working on to show you as well as a bit of a give away, I'm hoping to post again tonight, right now I'm off to Harlow Carr Gardens whilst the sun is still shining.)

Here are my goodies from 'sewing for pleasure' at the N.E.C. A nice stash of fabrics, the red is destined to be a dress (someday), I have plans for the spotty which I'll share with you later and the fabric in the second photo will be baby booties!!

The rowan wool had been £67.50, but I got it for £29.99, hopefully by autumn it will be transformed into a snuggly, warm jumper. It's a bad photo because I didn't want to take it out of the wrapper, it may be some time before I get to knit this!!

The mixed bag of buttons was a real bargain, it was a lucky dip bag for £3.00, I love the idea of lucky dips, makes the buying experience even more exciting. I think I did well with my lucky dip, there's some real gems in there. It also kept the children entertained for half an hour, they seem to have inherited my need to handle buttons.The beautiful baby blue buttons were £7.50 for 200g, both bags are from the button company

As you can see I have a busy crafting time ahead of me!!


Anonymous said...

Oh you did really well! I haven't been to that one - I go to the Quilt Show at the NEC every year - it's fantastic and the fabrics you can get are really good.
I've been wanting to say for awhile that I absolutely love your work! It's fantastic.

artyfartykat said...

What bargains! The buttons and fabric look fab!