Monday, April 02, 2007

The Wild West came to Harrogate

At last we had our wild west party!! Saloon doors, wanted posters, a wigwam, cactus, oh, and 11 cowboys and indians!!! 2 hours can seem like a very long time with that many children to entertain. Fortunately my Mum and Dad were there to help. Thanks, we couldn't have done it without you!! E had a great time, but I'm think next year I'll limit her to 5 friends!!

I've been checking out my friends charity shop goodies over on momo mimi mo so shake, love the teapot! I had a bit of a find myself the other day at J's pre-school. They had a book sale, which I was helping with, so I got first look!! Very excited (I know- how sad) to find this book. My Mum had it when I was little (she went through a doll making phase) and I used to spend hours looking at the pictures. For some reason though the only doll I ever made from it was the little felt girl shown below, E want's to make it too, so we're going to get sewing over the holidays.

Talking of sewing, yesterday I went to 'sewing for pleasure' with my Mum. Had a great day out and spent far too much money!! I am going to photograph and post my purchases later, right now I need to get the kids in the garden while the weather is good, we have carrots to sow.


artyfartykat said...

What a lovely book! Looking forward to seeing what you bought at Sewing for pleasure! I love fabrics but I don't think my sewing machine likes me !!:(

paper-and-string said...

I've got that book !! I had to buy it because I remember making the clown PJ case in Primary School on a hand powered sewing machine! I also recently made one of the trolls (pixies) for a goosd luck token. Enjoy making the goodies