Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bird Nests

After a flurry of posting regularly I seemed to have slipped back into my old ways again! In my defense I am quite busy trying to make lots of things for the woolfest, without wanting to sound silly, I'm in the creative zone right now. I seem to have an unending supply of ideas at the moment and keep surprising myself with new designs. It makes a nice change from struggling to come up with new designs and relegating prototypes to the recycling basket. That's the beauty of felting, you can recycle it, my recent needle cases and notebooks were made out of a felt scarf I made last year, but was never happy with. Here's a few pictures of some of my latest creations....can you spot the theme?

And here are a few pictures I took at the weekend. My parents have a fantastic garden, so I took the opportunity to practice using my macro lens.


Unknown said...

I love the birds nest theme...just right for the time of year. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

thankyou for the garden complement. One of the many pleasures of gardening is sharing it with family and friends. Thanks for a lovely weekend

Paola Bravo said...

Hello, I have a surprise for you.

pinkgreen said...

I love the nests - lovely colours too. I have been trying to take photos with my macro lens but not getting quite such good results.

Anonymous said...


I love your stuff and check your blog regularly... it gives me plenty ideas for my own crafts too :)
I have a technical question - i only recently got a sewing machine and am not yet very good at using it... when you embroider on your felt items using the machine do you use special needle, yarn, setting or such? I know from hand-embroidering that the thread dissappears when you thighten it too much. I would be happy if you could give me a few tipps!

greetings from switzerland, Malou