Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunshine and Felted Beads

Hurray!!! We've had a whole week of sunshine and it looks like today is going to be another good day. We've had to wait a really long time this year for the weather to hot up, lets hope it stays.

Last Saturday I went to the region 10 members day for the International Feltmakers Association. The theme for the day was jewellery, I had a great time and learnt some new techniques as well as being hugely inspired. Here's some of the work I did on the day,

A flower made from Finn wool.

A giant bead made from Finn wool.

Some interlocking hoops from Finn wool (not sure what I'll do with these yet).

And a bead made from merino wool.

As you can see I was quite taken with the Finn wool, so I ordered some from Piiku, it arrived yesterday, just look at the gorgeous colours!!

And finally, here's some beads which I've been churning out this week....

And here's a cute little bag modeled by my daughter, just before the grass was cut :)


Anonymous said...

That wool does look yummy. I like your addition of the button on the necklaces and am sure you can find a use for the loops. Maybe a bag embellishment or a series of them for a wall hanging? And cute bag (as usual).

Unknown said...

Fab work, as usual. I am always amazed by your creations. I particulalry love those necklaces.

Anonymous said...

I love wool felting so much..but I know I just couldn't do it. Seeing a professional do it is just so wonderful! Thank you for sharing - Jen