Friday, June 08, 2007


I love Japanese craft books, they are modern, inspirational and contain beautiful photographs. I now buy my books direct from, as they are very reasonably priced. However, it is a bit of a gamble, because you can't read the reviews. Over the next few months I intend to write a little bit about the books I own and include a link to it on amazon. Here is the first, the link is at the bottom.

Handmade Felt published by Ondori

This book has got some really inspiring projects, which include:
  • muffler/scarves - some of which are nuno felt
  • resist felted bags (12 designs)
  • place mats and tea cozy
  • hats
  • purses
  • jewellery
  • glass cozies and coasters
  • baby shoes
There are step-by-step photographic instructions for some of the projects and diagrams for the others. All the text is in Japanese, but for someone who knows the basics of felting the instructions are easy to follow. I have used this book quite a lot. More for inspiration and techniques, rather than actually following the projects. It's great for looking at different styles of bags, and it also has these cute birds in it. That I have promised to make for my daughter, (a long with a guinea pig).

You can buy this book here. If you have used before it's fairly easy to order, (there is an 'in English' button). Searching for things is the hardest part.


kneek said...

Seattle has a great Asian supermarket where they sell lots of Japanese craft books. If you are in the neighborhood, check out the Uwajimaya bookstore. A friend picked up a sweet little felting book for me several months ago, so I went in to see what else they had. Lots of sewing, but also crafts I couldn't even dream up.

Thanks for pointing out this title. This seems like a good enough reason to go back to Uwajimaya.

MSN said...

Those little birds are the cutest. I may just have to follow your lead and check out these japanese resources!