Monday, June 04, 2007

Here are some bits I've been working on:

A polka dot felt bag (preparation for workshop),

and these cozy felt slippers, still awaiting some form of decoration, but already in constant use. I felted them to the exact shape of my feet so they are so snug.

The workshop went really well, everybody made fantastic handbags!! I was hoping to share pictures of these with you via a link to flickr, but the computer is in 'go slow' mode, and my pictures are stuck in processing. It will probably be tomorrow now, as 'waking the dead' is on in 10 mins, and no, TV does not rule my life, honest.


kneek said...

I love these slippers. I've made two pairs for myself now and rarely wear anything else in the house. They are the first thing I look for when I come in the door (which is why I have more than one pair). They are the best!

kneek said...

BTW, I followed your directions for making a felt flower corsage, and took the little snipped off bit at the end to make a barrette. I love this little bit- it exposed the stamen I planted in the base of the flower before I began to work it around the dowel. They were so far down there I forgot I put them in there.