Thursday, June 14, 2007

Got my Moo cards yesterday!! They are so cute and compact, I love the feel of them, and they come in their own sweet little box. Think I'm hooked on the latest must have.

Recently I have been working on my silk paper making kits for woolfest, I dyed a lot of the fibres myself, which means I've taken over the kitchen a little, I can only do it when my husband isn't around because he doesn't like the smell.

I have also been interviewed here. Not very keen on the photograph, bit of a bad hair day! When I went through our photo's to look for a more natural picture, there are very few of me, guess I'm the one always behind the camera.

and I have been working on more recycled jumper brooches, (the crocheted hat is for my daughter).

Oh, and I found another felting blog, Feltr'Arte, take a look.

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